14-Day Money-Back Guarantee by UFO VPN

If you are not satisfied with our products and services, including VPN speed, security and other product issues, please contact us by support@ufovpn.io as soon as possible. We will do our best to solve your problems.

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UFO VPN's guarantee lasts for 14 days. You can contact us at any time during the 14 days to get a full refund. And we will not retain any of your payment information.

Refund in 14 days

We accept refunds for similar situations below:

  1. Buying products by mistake.
  2. User's account doesn't upgrade to premium after the purchase, and the problem isn't be resolved in time after contacting UFO VPN.
  3. The user does not need the product but forgot to turn off the auto-renewal.
  4. Because of the technical problems, the UFO VPN team don't resolve them in time.
  5. Other similar situations.
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