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Why Choose UFO VPN?

Unblock The Internet

UFO VPN helps you access blocked websites so that you can circumvent censorship and bypass internet firewalls to a free and open world. With a secure connection, it's easy to access Geo-blocked contents.

Unblock the Internet

Privacy Anonymity Security

UFO VPN encrypts your data to protect your network connection. No one can access your internet traffic including government, hackers, and ISPs. While connecting to a VPN server, it also hides your real IP address and location, protects your privacy and makes sure you are anonymous.

Privacy Anonymity

App for All Your Devices

UFO VPN can protect your Internet connection on iOS and Android mobile devices. And you can use UFO VPN when you are using Windows and MacOS devices at work too. UFO VPN will ensure that your connection is always encrypted. Most importantly, a UFO VPN premium account can protect your 5 devices at the same time.

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Global Network VPN Servers

2000+ VPN Servers in 47+ Countries

Connect to any of the unlimited high-speed VPN servers around the world. Make sure you can complete accessibility.

Reviews of UFOVPN’s Users

  • headImg Hasa****63 from App Store

    UFO VPN provides private and secure access to a free and open Internet, you can access all your favorite content, including social networks, audio and video streaming news, sports and gaming everywhere. Lots of companies use geo-pricing strategies to adjust the price of the item according to users' location...

  • headImgGoog****er from Google Play

    I am very satisfied that this VPN is super-fast, which is the best compared to the VPN I used before. Its operation interface is very simple and very fast. It is easy to watch videos on YouTube without pressure. The game is also very smooth. The most important thing is that he is still very stable and has not been dropped yet. It is really Very conscience a VPN...

  • headImgWal****hite from Trustpilot

    Nice! Thank you! First of all, I am grateful to UFO VPN. Thank you for your kind, thanks for free. After a few days of use, I feel that this VPN is very good and stable. Mainly happy to have a company to do this event, really starting from the consumer to give back to consumption. The second application is a very simple design...

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