Cannot connect
Why is my connection slow?
Can't receive our email?
Apps/websites are not working with VPN connection
How to access Netflix with UFO VPN?
Why am I still not a pro member as it should be?


What's the payment methods if I want to upgrade, is it safe?
How to submit a refund request?
Auto-Renewal and Subscriptions
Questions about Credit Card security
How do I renew my subscription using a new card?
It keeps saying my credit card # is invalid and I know that my number is OK
What to do if I was double charged in a month?
Do you offer a free trial? Why should I upgrade to the VIP account?

Setup Guides

Is UFO VPN free to use, do I need to register an account?
How to start up UFO VPN on my iOS?
How to start up UFO VPN on my Android?
How to start up UFO VPN on my Windows?
How to start up UFO VPN on my Mac?
Can I change my email address?
Where to check my account details?
What's the difference between “smart location” and “choose location”?
What can VPN actually do for me?
Do you guys keep any logs?
Is UFO VPN a malware application?