why use a VPN

Even though we know what VPN is, lots of people may still wonder when and what environment should use a VPN service. A lot of companies or individuals will tell you that you should install a VPN app to ensure your privacy and security. But do you really know what is VPN used for and why use a VPN?

Here are the 7 reasons that you can learn to decide if you really need a VPN:

When you are traveling.

If you travel to a foreign country, such as China, North Korea, VPN can help you access websites and applications that are not accessible in the country. And in some countries, local media coverage is not objective enough, and in these countries, your favorite games and videos will be blocked. By using VPN, you can access your favorite shows and games.

When you are using Wi-Fi in Cafe and other public places.

Everyone likes to spend time in the coffee shop. But in such a place, we are all exposed to the public network. If you do not use a secure VPN, all information we send and receive may be stolen. Whether it's on a computer or on a mobile phone.

When you are at school or workplace.

In many schools or workplaces, we are often restricted from using Internet products, such as Facebook, YouTube, even personal email. The advent of VPN allows us to connect to these restricted web services.

Bypassing government surveillance and content review.

Similarly, like schools and workplaces, some countries also have Internet censorship. If you are in these countries, connecting to a VPN server will make it easier for you to access the entire World Wide Web. Although the speed of the network will be slower, this freedom is worth the effort.

When we are shopping for hotels, car rentals and so on.

These sites will track our activities when we are looking for flights and hotels. Their prices may increase when we open the web again. With VPN and a seamless browser, we can really compare shopping.

search engines

When we are using search engines.

A variety of search engines will record our search content and then categorize them. They will closely link our IP address of each computer and the search results, then use this combination for future searches. No one wants Google to store our search terms "sex toys," "how to divorce," and "extramarital affairs." A good VPN can help to block our IP address and protect our search privacy.

We have the basic right to protect our privacy.

If all of these reasons can not convince you, then you should know that protecting your privacy is the most basic right for everyone. Perhaps this reason is enough for us to spend the time to find a good VPN.

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